My Telephone

Minimizing the sharing of data

© 2022 Dennis Leeuw dleeuw at made-it dot com
License: GPLv2 or later


    1. The telephone
    2. Browser and search engine
    3. Nextcloud
    4. Addressbook and dailer
    5. Calendar
    6. Camera
    7. SMS
    8. E-mail
    9. Chat
    10. Navigation

The telephone

Fairphone 4, created for maximum reuse of materials and long lasting use.

Browser and search engine

Duck Duck Go

Browser and search engine created to minimize tracking.


The core of our data store in our own home, so we do not rely on Google (or any other company) to host (and mine) our data.

Apps needed on NextCloud (install as admin):

Tools op telefoon:

Addressbook and dailer

True Phone Dialer & Contacts
Hamster Beat


By: Tapir Apps GmbH

Calendar and tasks. Functions well and works with all the different calendar interfaces I need.


Open Camera
by Mark Harman

Open source camera app


Eenvoudig SMS-berichtenbeheer
Door: Simple Mobile Tools

Ad free


M.Bokhorst, GPLv3

Written to minimize tracking and sharing of data


WhatsApp - still can not complete do without. Make sure you make regular copies of the databases, that is the only way to restore the app without depending on a plain copy of your messages to google.

Signal - the real secure alternative to what's app.


Magic Earth

No end-user tracking, real privacy while driving around.