Office 365 and Thunderbird

IMAP, SMTP and TbSync

© 2020 Dennis Leeuw dleeuw at made-it dot com
License: GPLv2 or later


    1. Introduction
    2. E-mail
    3. Calendar and events


Microsoft uses a lot of propriatary protocols in their products, which makes it sometimes hard to work together in projects. This document describes how to integrate the Open Source e-mail and calendering application Thunderbird with the Office365 product. For the e-mail part we can use the standard IMAP and SMTP protocols. For calendering however we have to rely on a Add-on written for Thunderbird.




Calendar and events

Add the following add-ons to thunderbird:

After installation select in the Thunderbird menu, Add-ons.

and then TbSync

From the drop-down menu Account actions select Add new account and select Exchange ActiveSync.

In the new panel select Office 365.

The account name is something you can choose yourself, the e-mail is the address belonging to the account you want to add.

Tick the boxes you want to synchronize

and press the button Synchronize now