SAMBA Trivial Database (tdb) Files

... not trivial at all...

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License: GPLv2 or later


    1. File table

File table

Database Use Cleaned at start Back up Appeared Removed
account_policy.tdb SAMBA/NT account policy settings includes password expiration settings  
autorid.tdb Mappings of which domain is mapped to which range  
brlock.tdb Byte-range locking information    
browse.dat browse lists, gets rebuilt automatically  
connections.tdb A temporary cache of current connections (used to enforce max connections)  
g_lock.tdb Global locking information  
gencache.tdb Generic caching database for dead WINS servers and trusted domain data.  
group_mapping.tdb Mapping table from Windows group SID to Unix group, not used when using the LDAP backend  
idmap_cache.tdb If you have set 'idmap alloc backend = tdb' you end up with a file called idmap_cache.tdb  
lang_en.tdb Language encodings  
locking.tdb Stores share modes and oplock information  
login_cache.tdb A temporary cache for login information, esp. for bad passwords attempts.    
messages.tdb Used to keep track of SAMBA (smbd) internal messaging  
netsamlogon_cache.tdb Caches user net_info_3 struct from net_samlogon() requests from domain member machines  1
ntdrivers.tdb Stores per-printer installed driver information     3.6
ntforms.tdb Stores per-printer installed forms information     3.6
ntprinters.tdb Stores per-printer devmode configuration settings     3.6
passdb.tdb User account information if passdb backend = tdbsam is used. This file stores the SambaSAMAccount informarion. Note: This file requires that POSIX information for a user is available to the system.  
printing/ Directory containing cached output from the lpq command created on a per print service basis  
registry.tdb Read-only SAMBA database of a Windows registry skeleton that provides support for exporting various database tables via the winreg RPCs (connect via regedit.exe)  
schannel_store.tdb A confidential in the PRIVATE_DIR containing cryptographic connection information so that clients that have temporarily disconnected can reconnect without needing to renegotiate the connection setup process. This stores secure channel access token information used with SMB signing.  
secrets.tdb This database stores the internal settings such as the machine and the domain SID, secret passwords that are used with LDAP, machine secret token, etc. This is an essential file that is stored in a secure area (PRIVATE_DIR). Vendors locate this in various folders. Check smbd -b to find its location.  
sessionid.tdb Temporary cache for session information and to support 'utmp = yes' handling  
share_info.tdb Stores share-level ACL configuration settings. Default ACL is Everyone - Full Control  
unexpected.tdb unexpected packet queue needed to support windows clients that respond on a difference port than the originating request     3.6
winbindd_cache.tdb winbindd's cache of user lists received from an NT4 domain or from ADS.  1  
winbindd_idmap.tdb winbindd's local IDMAP database  
wins.dat wins database when 'wins support = yes' has been set. This gets rebuilt or updated at every restart.  
wins.tdb The working permanent storage for all WINS data. This database is used only when 'wins support = yes' has been set. Note: This retains all manually configured WINS entries. Manual setting can be done by using the net utility.  

1The database is only cleared at startup if the database is corrupt.